Dee-Jovicx Limited

Solar, Inverters & CCTV

Sales, installation and maintenance

Training on Solar, Inverters & CCTV

Training with hands-on practicals

Diesel Generators, General Electric Work

Electrical design and projects with consultancy services


Dee-Jovicx Limited, DJL is an indigenous Nigerian company with years of professional experience in alternative / Green Energy Systems. DJL handles all power related projects.

Our offices are located in Lagos, Delta State and Ondo State, from where we provide services all over Nigeria. DJL services cover mostly the fields of Sales, Installation and Maintenance of Inverter, Backup batteries, Charge Controllers, Solar Street light, Solar Energy Project Design & Deployment with Deep Cycle batteries of proven ruggedness and longevity.

Our Services

Solar, Inverter & CCTV

Sales, installation and maintenance

Training and Workshop

Training and workshop with hands-on practical

Electrical Design & Project

General electrical work with consultancy services

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